Aaron Ward, CMHC

Steps Recovery Center

Aaron Ward is the Clinical Director of Steps Recovery Center St. George Campus. He is a recovering Alcoholic/Addict with 25 years of continuous sobriety. Aaron got his start in this field as a part time counselor at Horizon House residential treatment center in Cedar City, Utah shortly before graduating Southern Utah University in 1997. Aaron then moved to St. George Utah where he accepted a full time position as a substance abuse counselor in the same company (Southwest Center). Aaron also returned to school and gained a master degree in Mental Health Counseling which allowed him to open his own private practice. After 17 years with Southwest Center, and 3 years of private practice, the founder and owner of Steps Recovery Center, Mike Jorgensen, approached Aaron to help him bring Steps Recovery Center to St. George. Aaron left Southwest Center and closed his private practice to join Mike in putting together the best substance abuse recovery team in Southern Utah.

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